Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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Throughout the years, Bierman has amassed memories, experiences, and stories. Life has taken him places and introduced him to people that have impacted his life greatly. He has been around and worked with many well known music greats and befriended some of rock’s most interesting musicians, including the great John Lennon. He is now ready to share his story with the world.

Bierman grew up loving music. At nine years old, he heard The Beatles for the first time and, like many others, was hooked. He dreamed of becoming a musician and songwriter and began to forge the skills that would carry him to places others could only imagine. As the years progressed, Bierman mastered multiple instruments, including the bass, rhythm guitar, and piano. And, he honed the voice of clarity that sings to the world the words and music he and Lennon wrote together.

At the age of eleven, Bierman formed his first band. Always keenly aware of social issues, he named the band "Steppin’ Shit" as a mockery of the problems in New York City at that time. Steppin’ Shit’s drummer, George, introduced Bierman to David Peel.

Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD


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