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October 9, 2007:
New Press Announcement - Read the New Press Release
After an extended silence, Bruce Bierman, now Brulen is releasing an entirely new CD since the previous one will no longer be pursued.  Further information regarding that and all the latest news and developments can be found on his new website

The new compilation, entitled 'Rules Made To Be Broken' will soon be available.  A 'Rules Blog' on the new site is set for those who'd like to blog the rules they break.

The new site is packed with new information, comprehensive bio's, previously undisclosed background information and a 100 plus photo slide show.

November 5, 2006:
Forthcoming CD Release Cancelled
Bruce Bierman will be not be releasing the long awaited CD entitled 'Message' on November 9, 2006, as previously planned. The reason for pulling the CD has yet to be disclosed.  More information to come.

October 9, 2006:
Forthcoming CD Release Set and New Website Coming Soon
Not yet formally announced, Bruce Bierman will be releasing the long awaited CD entitled 'Message' on November 9, 2006, available online at and CD Baby, details of which are to soon be announced. Find out more about the new CD, the songs, the CD contents, and the new artwork, all soon to be disclosed on the new website

October 9, 2006:
Birthday Number 66
Bruce wishes John the happy 66th birthday he would have celebrated today.  "My thoughts are always with John," he stated in remembrance of his friend.

September 9, 2006:
Final Mastering of 'Message' CD Finessed and Finished
Songs for the forthcoming CD have all been mastered with a new technique developed by John Vestman, called Separation MasteringListen to sample tracks and hear the difference.

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