Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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History - Touched by a Beatle
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Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD


It's all about the music and it always has been.

The primary basis for their friendship was the love of music and the fun in creating it.  And, the blast they had hanging out and doing what friends do... shop, eat, drink and laugh. (And, maybe a bit of getting stoned!)

The song samples you can hear on this site exhibit the essence of that friendship.  You can hear Lennon's writing in sound, structure and content, just as if he would have performed it himself.

Bierman takes all he learned from John and applies it directly to the songs they penned together.  Each song has a story on how each developed and when and where they were done.  Lennon's friend will take you to those places in the music and tell you his experiences as no one ever has.

A lot of time and effort has gone into presenting these songs and there is much history that has yet to be told.

The majority of books and information coming out about Lennon are coming from researchers, fans and press and people who briefly worked with John, but do not have the depth of an anecdote that comes from family and friends.

So have a listen, read all about the collaboration and share in Bruce's story as he tells it.

Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD

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