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Frequently Asked Questions answered by Bruce Bierman

7. Where is there proof that you and John wrote music together? The proof is in the music and old friends have stepped forward to corroborate my friendship with John.

8. Why release this music now? The time has come for the world to hear what John and I did together.  And, he wanted it heard.

9. How did you meet John?
I was introduced to John by David Peel.

10. Of all the people John could have written music with, why you? I was young and willing to learn, and he was willing to teach.  He enjoyed having someone interested in what he did.

11. What was the extent of your friendship with John?
We hung out, partied, we ate pizza, we played and wrote music, we laughed at my bad jokes... and his, and we did what friends do... enjoy each others company.

12. Why did John never mention Bruce?  There was no reason to mention me, and we decided keep our friendship private, as I said before.  John had other friends he never mentioned either.

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