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Frequently Asked Questions answered by Bruce Bierman

1. Why aren’t there any photographs of Bruce and John?
There were one or two, but they were damaged beyond repair during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, when I was living in Woodland Hills, CA.  Someone out there may have a photo because we were photographed in public a few times, if any such exist.  Also, you wouldn't last a day with John as a friend if you tried to get yourself photographed with him because he did not like being exploited.  John's friends did not bring cameras during a visit or a meet.  People visiting did not take photos, especially while partying.  John was having immigration problems and photos were inappropriate and forbidden.

2. Why haven’t we heard of you before?
I have never actively publicized my friendship or collaboration with John, nor did he, as this was mutually decided to keep our friendship private in order to prolong it.  A public friendship would have never lasted.

3. If you’ve had this music for 30 years, why did you hold on to it for so long?  I felt is wasn't the right time.  And, when I did try, I was informed about rights and issues that may arise which dissuaded me from doing anything until now.  Fear of litigation has scared away the entertainment industry from pursuing this material, making it difficult to handle on my own.

4. Are there any recordings of you and John?  That will be disclosed at a later date.

5. How long did you know each other?  Almost eight years.

6. Why hasn’t Yoko mentioned you before?  I was not friends with Yoko. I was friends with John. However, Yoko is aware of me.

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