Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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Bruce Bierman has created a lot of interest and controversy.  Here are a few of the many comments.

"I've had the privilege to sit down with Bruce and hear some of the Bierman/Lennon compositions."

"Apart from the Lennon vibe present in the music, I was also aware of a wordplay, and at times, a rhythmic/metric tendency beneath the surface, that to me, were a Lennon signature.
The hand of Lennon was palpable."

Peter Kearns, Producer - New Zealand


"We all knew Bruce was John Lennon’s friend. I am not the only one who knew. In fact, he brought a few to meet Lennon."

Steven Steinberg - Bierman’s friend
of 35 years


"Having both a personal and professional relationship for nearly 10 years with Bruce,
I can definitively say that his friendship and collaboration with John Lennon are nothing less than real and factual. If 'seeing is believing,' then I am more than a believer, as I have both seen and heard what Bruce is now ready to share with the world. I am also his #1 fan.

I implore you to keep an open mind, listen with your heart and absorb the words and music that are undoubtedly touched by Lennon. For those who still doubt, there is plenty of proof.

I assure you that Bruce's declarations and efforts are truly authentic and genuine."

Angelo D. - MichaelAngelo Music

"Reached in Manhattan, where he still lives, Peel confirmed that he introduced Bierman to Lennon."

Paul Liberatore - Marin Independent Journal

"I knew exactly what I was doing when I introduced Bruce Bierman to John Lennon." "Unless somebody proves otherwise, his story holds."                                      David Peel

"Previously unreleased John Lennon material is soon set to be released. It is the collaboration between Lennon and his protégé Bruce Bierman that may see the light of day once again."


MTVe - Music Television

"Have a listen and judge for yourself..."
"To date, no one has definitively debunked Mr. Bierman's claim of collaborations with John Lennon, and Yoko Ono has been strangely silent on Mr. Bierman's claims. (Yoko Ono has a history of aggressive legal action against those perpetrating fraud against the Lennon estate for personal gain, so her silence may in fact be tacit endorsement of the genuineness of the collaboration and songs)"


Todd B. -


"One song, "Central Park," fittingly sounds like some of the solo material Lennon wrote in New York, while another, "One Lonely Tear," is vaguely reminiscent of a certain foursome Lennon was once very fab in."

Bill Dean - The Ledger


"Hot New John Lennon Songs"
"Songs composed by late Beatle John Lennon and his protégé Bruce Bierman are set to be released, decades after the tracks were written. Little-known rocker Bierman struck up a friendship with the Imagine star in New York City..."


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