Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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History - Touched by a Beatle
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Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD

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Bruce Bierman is talking... telling his story about his fun and times with John Lennon.  And, his old friends have stepped forward to corroborate his story.

Carricature of Bruce Bierman drawn by Joe Oesterle

Lots of things are happening!(as of 10/09/07)

  • After a long silence, Brulen has just issued the first press announcement in over a year!

  • The new Brulen website is complete, along with all news songs coming soon.

  • The newest CD is to be called 'Rules Made To Be Broken' and has an all-star Bru-Crew!  See more at

  • Check out the Blog... a 'Rules Made To Be Broken' Blog where you post your own rules to break... verrry cool!

  • Oh no! 'Message' CD release cancelled indefinitely!

  • CD to be released with 9 songs plus a bonus track... 'It's Been A Journey.'  Come on back for more info... coming soon!

  • New website coming soon... with hidden clues and a message from John.

  • Incredibly gorgeous mastering now completed by
    John Vestman Separation Mastering.
    The samples now online!  Have a listen.

  • There's completely new CD artwork... a preview will soon be posted.  A CD release is in progress, pending distribution arrangements.

  • Bruce is auditioning band members for future studio recording and live performance.

  • The last press release was issued out on January 9, 2006.

  • Read what people are saying here.

  • See the updated FAQs for more info.

  • The message is spreading fast. See press releases here.

  • Thousands of Worldwide Visitors - see more!

Check back soon for more buzzzzzzzzz.

Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD

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