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"Remember, the fifth of November" -- John Lennon
from his song "Remember"

Born in New York City on the fifth of November 1954, Bierman grew up in The Bronx as a street kid, similar to that of his friend John.  He found his love for music at a very young age while listening to Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, and many of the pre-Beatles acts of the late fifties and early sixties.

Bierman's desire to be a musician came to life after first seeing and hearing The Beatles and his friend-to-be John.  He was in his first band in the seventh grade in junior high school at the age of eleven.  Always a rhythm guitarist and a singer, Bierman participated with several musicians until he formed his own band at age fifteen.  The band was called, of all names, 'SteppenShit,' a mockery of social issues in New York City.

Bruce was soon introduced to David Peel of David Peel and The Lower East Side by George, drummer of 'SteppenShit.'  David and Bruce became good friends and ultimately melded 'SteppenShit' into Peel's Lower East Side Band.  David and Bruce often performed together in Washington Square Park in New York City and Greenwich Village, and spent many days, evenings and weekends writing and playing songs together.

Visit - Blog Your 'Rules Made To Be Broken' & Hear Tracks from his upcoming CD


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