Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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History - Touched by a Beatle
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Photo of Bruce Bierman in Los AngelesBruce Bierman grew up in New York City and has had a very colorful life, full of amazing experiences one could only dream.

He has been around and worked with many well-known music greats and became friends with some of rock music's legendary musicians.

When he was nine years old, he heard The Beatles for the first time and, like many others, was hooked.  He dreamed of becoming a songwriter and musician and had hoped he would one day have an opportunity to attain that goal.

Well, that opportunity came.  And, when he was just seventeen, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself as a jaw-dropping experience, which grew into something beyond imagination.

Read all about Bruce Bierman... a past that he has held closely to himself and to a few friends for over thirty years.

Bruce has decided to share his unique experiences as a young guy enjoying his love of music with his friend and teacher, John Lennon.  Bierman recorded some of the songs he and Lennon wrote together, singing and playing all instruments, all in a dramatic presentation of what might have been.

History unfolds, the songs breathe new life, the music embodies what could have been, and the past has just become the future.


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